Unfurling Summer 2021 Collection Shoot

Unfurling items are unique because they’re not just a travel tool, they’re a wearable travel tool that can be worn in limitless ways once you’re switching from vehicle to action. In order to show you all some of the many outfits she’s come up with, Ashley set out to find people who are inspiring -people who continuously develop and evolve their passions and creativity. This is an important aspect because Unfurling isn’t just about selling items, it’s about inspiration, creativity, and evolving what’s within everyone. Ashley had to look no further than to the people who are already in her neighborhood and friend circles -people that are cleaning up the planet, saving lives, inspiring critical thinking, practicing healers, and artists such as poets, photographers, and musicians!


Hana Kajimura picking out songs on the ukulele


With the help of Marika’s coordinating, Ashley’s styling, and Kaili’s photography we invited these rad people to enjoy a local coastal retreat complete with towering eucalyptus, eye popping blossoms, and cooling ocean breezes that perfectly complimented a day full of laughter, music, food, and story-telling. 


Onawa Pelham & Jane Marie Chen sharing a giggle over travel stories


Marika Strauss & her daughter, Amaya sharing their own giggle during lunch time


Jane Marie Chen getting her outfit styled by Unfurling Founder, Ashley Lloyd


It didn’t end there! Some of these models joined us later for a shop page shoot where even more music and dancing ensued. 


Hana Kajimura lighting up when her favorite band starts playing over the speakers


Dina El Dessouky getting playful with her Simply Cozy


We had fun getting to know each and every model even more and we hope that reading about their personal passions motivates you to develop what is Unfurling within you!


Jane Marie Chen

Jane Marie Chen is the co-founder & CEO of Embrace Innovations, an affordable newborn incubator that has saved over 300,000 babies in 22 countries. In addition, Jane’s many accolades include being a Ted speaker & one of Forbes’ Impact 30. If you can believe it, Jane is up to even more impressive work and fun including traveling, surfing, and teaching mindfulness.


Onawa Pelham

Onawa Pelham is a photographer and traveling R.N. specializing in Cardiology and Labor & Delivery. Her first assignment as a travel nurse brought her to Santa Cruz, California where she fell in love with the town that is perfect for her adventures as an avid mountain biker -Onawa raced bikes for the Collegiate National Team- and a surfer. It was always a dream for Onawa to be able to mountain bike and surf in the same day and Santa Cruz provides just that.  Before Onawa came to Santa Cruz, she spent her free time working extensively with the Navajo population for labor delivery in Colorado and New Mexico. While photography was at first a passion, Onawa is now actively Unfurling her own photography business. 


Dina El Dessouky

Dr. Dina El Dessouky teaches Writing at the University of California, Santa Cruz. There, she encourages students to find their own voices and tell their stories, and to write as active stakeholders on subjects and issues important to them. Dina has also served as a Core Volunteer for the Santa Cruz Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, and organized a local group that helped raise funds for Water Protectors facing legal issues from their time at Standing Rock.  


Hana Kajimura

As a Stanford alumni holding a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science, Hana Kajimura took her knowledge to the fashion industry in 2017 where she continues to work with Allbirds to reduce their carbon footprint. What is super impressive is that Hanah didn’t stop with the company that employs her. Hana has taken her mission to the entire fashion industry, calling on major brands and encouraging them to use her FREE carbon emissions calculator. Heads were turned and feathers were ruffled and -most importantly- brands are inspired to change their ways! We look forward to using Hana’s carbon footprint calculator here at Unfurling so we can keep doing our part, too! 


Amber Mello

Amber Mello grew up on a small family farm in the Sacramento Delta, which allowed her to closely observe the cycles of life and the realities of human impacts on our earth. This experience led Amber down two professional paths that harmoniously help people feel grounded through connecting and caring for nature.  One of those paths is her job at an environmental non-profit where she recruits, hires, and mentors staff.  The other path is her healing practice as a Level II Reiki practitioner.  Amber met her Reiki Master via surfing on the eastside of Santa Cruz. 


Marika Strauss

With a background in the nonprofit sector as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution, Marika Strauss is enjoying a change of pace by playing a vital role in the Unfurling of Unfurling! As Ashley’s right-hand-lady, Marika can be found handling many aspects of launching this brand including researching quality materials, streamlining processes, and coordinating photo shoots. Marika is excellent at stepping in wherever needed, including in front of the camera!  What we love so much about Marika is how she includes her one year old daughter, Amaya, into her days.  Together they can be found dodging shore breaks, cooking, gardening, and hiking in the redwoods. When Marika gives herself permission to have alone time she often chooses surfing the awesome waves in Santa Cruz, CA.


Kaili Reynolds  Photo courtesy of Onawa Pelham

Since 2012 Kaili Reynolds has been serving the Santa Cruz community as a childbirth educator, birth doula, and postpartum doula.  After a life of being on call at any hour for births while raising 3 kids of her own,  Kaili decided to go off-call and study midwifery. This is when she managed to find time to fully dive into surfing. During the big winter swells that she felt unprepared to surf, she rekindled her love for photography by capturing images of the ocean’s power. Ashley, a friend from childbirth ed classes, took notice of Kaili’s photography which was unfurling in perfect compliment to Kaili’s knack for story-telling -a skill she built over years of recounting birth stories to pregnant families.  Kaili is regularly blessing Unfurling with creative content, while still dreaming up ways to serve the birth community.