Unfurling FAQ

How can I use Unfurling Items?
Any of the applications of the wraps we have listed are purely suggestions. You are the creator. Part of Unfurling’s goal is to support you in your own creativity, so please, adjust the wraps as you best see fit for you. If it feels good to you, it is good!

Why are they called wraps?
We had to call them something! There are lots of different names for rectangular pieces of fabric. What seemed to identify with Unfurling the most was wrapping yourself in love, but more importantly, being the love within the wrap. So, call it what feels right to you, but we will refer to our rectangular fabric items as “wraps.”

Can I get a custom wrap made?
Please reach out to us directly for inquiries with more specific custom orders. 

Where do you source your fabric from?
The cotton is organically grown in Turkey, and hand made on looms. Our linen comes from Lithuania. The linen is organically grown from flax plants and meets OEKO-TEX 100 standards so that you can be certain that it has been tested for harmful substances.

How is the dye made for the wraps?
The indigo is sourced directly from the Indigo Seed Pods and the beige/pink is from Avocado Pits. We use organic indigo that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified to hand-dye our fabric blue. Indigo is one of the oldest dyes in the world and comes from the Indigofera plant. We use avocados to create the dye for our pinks, roses, and grays.

Why is there variance in the color?
Because many of our fabrics are dyed with colors extracted from nature, the color is alive. When creating dye from plants, there are countless variables that can result in different colors. We love this about our hand-dyed fabric because we want our wraps to be just as unique as you are.

How do I wash the wraps?
Any color will fade with frequent and intense washing, our wraps are no different. Careful cleaning will help the colors and fabric last longer. Use cold water on a gentle cycle, or hand wash. Hang to dry. Some dyes are sensitive to strong acids, like lemon juice; if exposure occurs flush with cold water.

What laundry products do you recommend using?
For wraps with magnets and strings, put in a mesh bag when washing to avoid the magnets sticking to the surface of the machine.
If it's good for the earth, it's good for you. Which is why we recommend using mild, non-toxic, plant-based detergents. Do not use fabric softeners.

Will the magnets rust?
They are covered with silicone to prevent rusting. Although the silicone is very durable, if there is a tear in the silicone, rust leaking could be possible. Neodymium rare earth magnets will rust.

How does sizing work?
One size fits a lot of different types of things and people, although not every item will fit people sizes proportionately the same as shown on our models. Celebrate yourself and your uniqueness, and please do not allow our limited sizes available to limit your magnificence.  If interested in custom sizing for your unique application, please reach out to info@unfurling.com. Please contact us for further questions.  

Do you have a return policy?
We can accept returns on any regularly priced, unworn, unwashed wrap within 14 days of the shipping date for a full refund on the original form of payment. All items must have their original tags and packaging. We do reserve the right to refuse any returned wrap that does not meet our refund policy. 

Can I exchange my wrap?
Please contact us with all exchange requests. We can assist you on a case by case basis.

Do you ship outside of the US?
We are grateful for your interest!  Right now our shipping is set up for Domestic orders in the United States.  Please contact info@unfurling.com to inquire about shipping and rates outside of the US. 

Can I make a bulk order?
Yes, although all of our items are made in small batches. Please inquire directly with us for an estimate in lead time.