About Us

At the heart of Unfurling is a loving reminder. We thrive when we are true to ourselves, and we all have the power to choose a life that is intentional, adventurous, and unencumbered.

In her years of travel as a professional surf lover, Ashley Lloyd’s suitcase was never fully packed without an inspiring piece of fabric that reminded her of home, or fabric that she came home with inspired by her travels. Serving as a sarong, dress, privacy screen, blanket, tapestry, and more, this simple item allowed her to travel light without compromising her desire for peace and comfort while on the road — And it was this impactful discovery and a renewed sense of self-belief that ignited the founding of Unfurling in 2020.

Unfurling wraps and accessories are designed to be limitless. Intended to empower and spark creativity, much of the collection is hand-dyed with natural colorants, reminding its owner of their own inherent uniqueness and magnificence. Created with the same care Ashley bestows upon her custom eco-conscious surfboards, Unfurling uses organic, non-toxic materials grown in harmony with mother earth and is made in fair working environments that honor the people who pour their love into each and every item.



All of the photos on the site, with a few small exceptions, were shot by Kaili Reynolds Thank you Kaili!