Decidedly Slow Fashion

At Unfurling we like to say that we’re not just a brand, we are a lifestyle. To borrow from Mahatma Gandhi, we want to encourage people to “live simply, so that others may simply live.” We aren’t just talking about humans here, we’re speaking for the trees, the water, the air, the dirt - everything that sustains our lives and lifestyles. We have a deep gratitude for the gifts that the earth and its many species offer. It is a great responsibility to reciprocate by giving back what we take. Restoration. Unfurling gives back in two very important ways. One way is to limit the amount of textiles one needs for their travel adventures. The second is to create these textiles responsibly by using healthy-for-the-planet materials in limited batches.


Linen and Loops held by intention finder

Linen and Loops & our magnetic clasp in their happy place.

To encourage living simply, we have created multi-functional items for travelers. A wrap is also a tool. You can hang it over the windows in your vehicle for a break from the sun while you read, nap, or create. You can instantly take it down and wrap it over your body when you’re ready to play. This one, light item fits easily into any backpack. It is practical and beautiful.


Grace and Darshan in Merc with Magnetic Minimalist

Unfurling Ambassador Darshan Gooch & his partner Grace enjoying a break from the sun with their Magnetic Minimalist hanging from the metal roof of their car.


Darshan Gooch with his Magnetic Minimalist around his waist

Unfurling Ambassador Darshan using the same Magnetic Minimalist to change into his wetsuit on the street.

The beauty of our items can be attributed to the materials we use, cotton and linen. The cotton is organically grown in Turkey, and handmade on looms. Our first batch of linen items came from Lithuania. The linen is organically grown from flax plants and the companies we purchase from meet OEKO-TEX 100 standards so that you can be certain that it has been tested for harmful substances. We recognize that Turkey and Lithuania are quite a distance from California where all of our items are hand sewn at a fair wage. As such, we operate on a system of pre-ordering to reduce our carbon footprint created from the shipping of textiles. We only create what we know we need and nothing more. As each batch of our items sell we notify our customers when it is time to pre-order and set a time frame for shipping that allows for hand sewing and hand dyeing. This construction allows us to offer you unique, one-of-a-kind items every time.


Avocado and indigo surfer's smocks

The Surfer’s Smock in varying colors of Avocado dye (top) and Indigo (bottom) that make each item unique.

Something that lends to the unique one-of-a-kind beauty of our items is the process our dyer, Margaret Seelie, uses to add color to our cotton and linen textiles. The indigo is sourced directly from the Indigo Seed Pods and the beige/pink is from Avocado Pits. We use organic indigo that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified to hand-dye our fabric blue. Indigo is one of the oldest dyes in the world and comes from the Indigofera plant. We use avocados to create the dye for our pinks, roses, and grays.


Ashley with unfurling items

The many unique colors of Unfurling items on Founder, Ashley Lloyd.

Plastic-free textiles, natural dyes, fair wage sewing, and limited pre-order batches are our first steps in reciprocating back what we take from the earth. As our company unfurls we hope to keep Unfurling our sustainable ways. We’re excited to both inspire and be inspired by all of our customers who see value in the slow fashion way of living.


Ashley tending her garden

Ashley tending to her yard for one of our small batch Unfurling item shoots wearing a long String Wrap as a skirt & the Surfer’s Smock for a top.