Unfurling Magnetic Clasp

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- Dimensions: Two 3/4" or 1" silicon coated Neodymium disc magnets 
- Linen casing
- Extra magnetic pull strength assistance 
- Removable magnets
- Washable pouch

Use these magnetic clasps to create your own customized Unfurling world!  Attach them on the edge of an item to turn wraps into curtains or an impromptu privacy screen.  Add one to your outfit to customize the size or look and make your Unfurling wraps into magnetic apparel.  Use them for extra pull weight to pin down the bottom of your Magnetic Minimalist on a windy day.

Aside from utility and apparel helpers, these can also be used as a self growth and self empowerment tool.  Set your intention, write it down, and pin it up.  This helpful reminder can help you stay on track with achieving your intentions and helping you create the world you are focusing on. 

Also fun to attach to hidden metal screws in walls throughout your home or workspace so you don't leave pinholes! 

Suggested uses:
- Double up for assistance in extra pull strength for Magnetic Minimalist
- Attach to loops or edge of wraps for magnetic hold fun.  
- Outfit creating assistant
- Self growth tool for intention setting
- Make your String Wrap an Unfurling Omniwrap
- Curtain creator
- Stud finder
- Wall art 

Magnetic warning:
USE WITH CAUTION! This item contains very strong removable magnets.  Please keep away from children as the magnets can cause serious injury.  Keep out of the mouth and away from computers, magnetic media, and medical devices.  Remove magnet from casing for washing.